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Jeffmin Lin: The Traveling Dog

Author Jeffmin Lin
Age: 9
Town: Havertown, Country USA
Rating: 4
Date: 26th Mar 2003
Topic Great Pet Stories

Title: The Traveling Dog

When he was 5-7
Nyger had always wished for a dog. He wanted one so badly that every time he celebrated his birthday, he asked everyone if they bought a dog for him. One day he got his wish, and got a golden retriever from his parents.
20 years later
Nyger’s dog was missing. He found out when he was coming back from work, and his wife told him that his dog was eating when a strange mist surrounded it.
5 years later
Scientists invented the traveling machine. In this machine, you could travel anywhere! Just say where you want to go, and you’ll go there!
The story
Nyger traveled, and whenever he did, he used the traveling machine. One day, he went to the traveling machine and traveled home. There he saw his dog! He was determined to find out how his dog disappeared. So he called the police and asked them to examine the spot where his dog disappeared. The police officer knocked on the floor and found it was hollow. The police officer drilled a hole in the floor, and found a tunnel leading to a room with dry ice, and the bottom of a traveling machine, which was what made things travel. Then the police officer found that mist could easily travel through the floor. The dry ice made the mist, and the dog must have teleported by the traveling machine. But then the question was how did the “dog teleporter” got into the room? Well, the police officer found that part of the dirt wall could be knocked down. The police officer borrowed a hammer from Nyger and knocked down the thick dirt wall. He found yet another tunnel that led to the sewer, with someone in it. The police officer caught him, who was named Carter. The police officer took him back to Nyger’s house, for Nyger to interview Carter. Carter told Nyger that he had made his tunnel right under where Nyger’s dog ate. Carter also told Nyger that he knew where Nyger’s dog went, and he went there too, to take Nyger’s dog back to his house. He was to transport Nyger’s dog without being seen, so he went to his underground room and transported Nyger’s dog back to Nyger’s house safely. He went out of the tunnel and back home. Nyger had one last question for Carter. WHY DID CARTER TRASPORT NYGER’S DOG? Carter told Nyger that his mother was under rule of a king and the king wouldn’t let any dogs allowed in the country. So his mother never saw a dog. (Why didn’t Carter and his mom move to a different country?)

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